Beta In A Box

Create The Happiest Customers On Earth

The Beta In A Box system allows an application designer to quickly produce an app prototype solution to their customers through a simple, step-by-step process.

Start by choosing a fully customizable, pre-defined template, add your programming by a simple drag-and-drop method and then share your creation with your target audience with the click of a button. Once your customer has provided feedback, our system makes it quick to carry out any necessary refinements.

With Beta In A Box, there really is no easier way to carry out web application prototyping.

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  • Shoulders of Giants

    Beta In A Box comes with a library of service providers trusted by our community of entrepreneurs, just like you, to handle tasks such as data management and user authentication.

  • Verify Ideas, Fast

    Get your web application up and running quickly, verify your prototype and refine your idea to help you find the winning formula for your customers.

  • Monitor & Improve

    See how your application is performing using our Application Dashboard, or integrate with an analytics service such as Google Analytics. Application prototyping has never been so detailed!

  • Generate Specifications

    Need to hire a developer? Beta In A Box helps you generate a detailed requirement specification and integrates easily with your existing components.

  • Easy Migration

    Are you ready to graduate? Our migration wizard will help you export your application so you can deploy to your own server with minimal disruption.

  • No Need For Coding

    Not a Ninja Developer? No problem! Beta In A Box comes with easy-customizable templates and a simple app development environment. If you have little or no coding experience, you can still create a web application prototype with all the features that you would normally expect from a professional coder.

Build a fully functional application prototype enabling you to carry out testing, gather feedback and find the winning formula. Achieve all this whilst keeping your costs to a minimum, with Beta In A Box.

  • Scalable

    Beta In A Box is powered by the same scalable, high performance infrastructure that powers Google, so no matter what you need to achieve with your web application, we can handle it.

  • Analyze

    The Beta In A Box Application Dashboard gives you real-time updates on your application, so you can track your application's progress as it grows.

  • Integrate

    Beta In A Box integrates with third-party services such as Google Maps, Twilio and UserVoice, so you don't need to learn multiple APIs.

  • Win

    Making changes to your application is easy, allowing you to quickly modify your application prototype, to test new ideas until you find the perfect solution.

3 EASY Steps To Using Beta In A Box!

Our easy to use development environment allows you to quickly prototype your application idea, without the need of any programming experience.

The Easiest Way to Run Your Business

The Application Dashboard allows you to monitor the success of your application and comes pre-configured with Key Performance Indicators that are easy to understand and track.

  • Key Performance Indicators

    Easy to understand Key Performance Indicators (KPI) show you how your application is performing at all times, so you can always make sure your app is working at its best and giving you a maximum return on investment.

  • Quota Management

    Know exactly how much resources your application is consuming with our full quota management system. This will ensure complete availability of your application to your customers, at all times.

The Easiest Way to Run Your Business

Our collaboration tools and mobile app means you can bring the best people in to solve any customer problem — whether a full-time support agent or your CEO.


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  • Live Information In One Place

    No more duplicate information stored in various programs, in different places, on different computers.

  • Eliminate Costly Errors

    Every time an employee enters information there is the potential for error. When an employee enters duplicate information.

  • Secure Access From Anywhere

    At the base, in the hotel or at a remote location, our service is provided via a secure Internet connection so you have secure.

  • Save Significant Money

    A large number of employees are dedicated to data entry and paper processing. Managers waste valuable time dealing with paperwork.

Admin and Reporting

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Know your numbers

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Create the happiest customers on earth

Our collaboration tools and mobile app means you can bring the best people in to solve any customer problem — whether a full-time support agent or your CEO.

  • Basic

    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Projects
    • 100GB storage
    • A free dinner :)
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    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Projects
    • 100GB storage
    • A free dinner :)
  • Premium

    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Projects
    • 100GB storage
    • A free dinner :)
  • Corporate

    • Unlimited Users
    • Unlimited Projects
    • 100GB storage
    • A free dinner :)

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